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Posted by on Nov 29, 2014 | 1 comment

10 Football Appetizers

10 Football Appetizers


I love football.

I love potlucks.

I love people getting together to combine the two things.

In the spirit of our beautiful city being the host of this years Grey Cup (aka The Canadian Superbowl) I thought I would pull together a quick list for you today of ten easy dishes that would make a great addition to any potluck Grey Cup party!

And for my football loving neighbours to the south, tuck this one away for Superbowl in February! (#gohawks)


Sticky Citrus Drumsticks

1.  Sticky Citrus Drumsticks

Bite Size Lasagna

2.  Bite Size Lasagna Rolls

Brussels Sprouts Chips

3.  Brussel Sprout Chips

Caesar Salad Toasts

4.  Little Caesars Crisps

Beef & Mushroom Potstickers

5.  Beef & Mushroom Potstickers

Maple and Miso Pork Skewers

6.  Maple Miso & Pork Skewers

Salted Coffee Crusted Wings

7.  Salted Coffee Crusted Wings

Pull Apart Pierogi Bread

8.  Pull Apart Pierogi Bread

Chorizo and Kale Stuffed Potatoes

9.  Chorizo & Kale Stuffed Potatoes

Mini Meatballs

10.  Mini Meatballs

Good luck and great eats!!

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