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Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 | 1 comment

On Board in 20: Breakfast For Dinner Board

On Board in 20: Breakfast For Dinner Board


Soft boiled eggs rolled in dukkah spice, cured meats and fresh vegetables can be your next Breakfast for Dinner board in 20 minutes.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

And with that, September has passed.

For that matter, so has July.

So has August.

Bon voyage summer. Welcome Fall.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

This Breakfast for Dinner Board is another instalment for the On Board in 20 series.  If you are not familiar with the series, it is a collaboration between Food Well Said and Food Bloggers of Canada to bring you wholesome, family dinners that you can prepare in about 20 minutes.  Each dinner is served on a board, encouraging people (big and littles alike) to build their plates as their palates – and sometimes their parents – dictate.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

Breakfast for dinner is a great meal plan to have tucked away and throw into rotation every couple weeks.  If you are already doing this, consider upping the traditional scrambled eggs and bacon fare with something like this board that I promise, is equally as easy.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

I have yet to master the poached egg.

I am trying.

Vinegar or no vinegar? Long side of a wooden spoon to swirl? Break egg into a glass and then pour it in? At this point, it is all too much for me.

However, I LOVE a runny yolk and the six minute soft boil is the easiest, no fuss way to achieve that.  (Exhibit A with these eggs)  To add an unexpected flavour boost to the eggs I rolled them in a homemade Dukkah spice.

Sounds fancy.

Soooo isn’t.

Dukkah is basically ground nuts, seeds and spice.  You get to pick what you grind.  I used a pestle and mortar this time but you could easily put the components in a ziplock and bash the heck out of it with a mallet or rolling pin. (Great kid job!)  Of course if the kids are a bit intimated by the spice simply leave it off theirs, but I didn’t add any heat and my Little loved the flavour.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

Everything else you see on the board is really just what was in my fridge.  Some veg, a little yogurt, some random smoked meats.  Crowd it on a board and toast up some bread.  It is beautiful, fast and easily adaptable.

Breakfast Board by Food Well Said

For the details on this On Board in 20 Breakfast Board,  plus a list of other dinners you can make in 20 minutes, pop on over to Food Bloggers of Canada site and search On Board in 20 or click right here.


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  1. Love it, thanks for making us all a great breakfast. 😗

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