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The List

I love making lists.

I think that is why me and banking had such a harmonious relationship for so many years. Banking is all about lists. (and keeping your money safe of course) Whether you are verifying cash in a vault or lending someone money to buy a house, there is one or two or seventeen checklists you need to complete. Since arriving in mommyville, it’s one thing I have missed. My son did not come with a checklist.

So I am making a list now.

Pretty, permanent, long term list. I don’t want to call it a Bucket List as that phrase feels a bit overused (and morbid)…I will find better descriptive prose but I am starting here with a Kitchen List. I may sometime make a Fitness List because I really want to be able to do a chin up one day. And a Crafty list so I can cross off kintting a scarf (longer than 13 inches) too. But one day list at a time…

So in no particular order, and in no particular time frame, here are the first ten I want to master, really master. So they become my own, my staples, my go to’s….so Little sixtyone45 can tell his kids, my mom made the best….

1. Animal Crackers (I want the cute cut outs, healthy and an always a partially full jar in the pantry)

2. Soup Broth (the kind my ma in law makes…chicken and beef but clear like chardonnay)

3. Apple Pie (the crust and everything)

4. Bread sans Machine (I am thinking sourdough)

5. Preserves (canning, whatever…full on preserved stuff I could put in my bunker if I had one)

6. Cake with Fondant (I want to make a girlfriend a really pretty cake one day)

7. Borcht/Perogi/Cabbage Rolls (the Ukrainian trifecta, my mama cooks all three brilliantly)

8. Pasta (I have made it before, I just want to be really good at it, not just spaghetti or fettuccini, little ones and stuffed ones)

9. Cured Meats (salami, pepperoni – is that even cured? – prosciutto, stuff like that)

10. Marshmallows (and just generally the ability to use a candy thermometer)