5 Do’s and Don’ts for That Summer Grilling BBQ


Summer is on its heights, and with the pandemic limiting our options for going out these days, having a backyard BBQ party is one of the best ways to enjoy yourselves as an entire family.Therefore, here are five things you should, and five you shouldn’t do when having a fun summer grilling BBQ.


Do get some shade on top of the grill:

Grilling might seem like a really fun idea, but it gets old really fast when you are standing in front of a piping hot grill, and the weather is also super-hot. Therefore, make some arrangements to keep the sun out of your face; therefore, consider placing a large beach umbrella over the grill.

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Do consider investing in a new grill:

Suppose you have been using the same old grill for a while now, how about going to a barbecue equipment store and investing in a new grill. A new grill will have a lot of modern features, and it can help you make better food as well. Furthermore, if you don’t want a unique grill, consider investing in an electric smoker.

Do set up different heat zones on the grill:

Place more charcoal on one side so that the grill gets hotter and keep the other side relatively cooler so that you can sear your steaks and burgers on high heat and let them finish cooking on the other side.

Do make something for everyone:

You should make sure that there is something at your party for everyone. A BBQ party should also be enjoyable for vegetarians and vegans, so grill some vegetables, or make some delicious vegan burgers so that everyone can have a great time.

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Do clean up the grill after using it:

Youshould make sure to clean it after finishing grilling, while the gridle is still hot. If you don’t, the grease and drippings can start to rot. Remember to clean out the grease catch after every use as well


Don’t let the kids run around near the grill:

You should keep the kids away from the grill because its exterior can also get very hot, and if a kid accidentally bumps into the grill while running, they might end up hurting themselves.

Don’t leave the grill unattended:

To ensure safety and a smooth BBQ party, you should make sure that the grill is never left unattended. An unattended grill could be a severe fire hazard, and on a less drastic note, you could also burn your food if you don’t always keep an eye on the grill.

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Don’t forget about seasoning:

With steaks and burgers, seasoning is very important. Whether you are using salt and black pepper or have a more complex spice rub, you need to season your steaks and burgers generously.

Don’t be impatient:

Patience is very important because you want to have the perfect steak, be patient, and not flip the steak until it is thoroughly seared on one side, and more importantly, when you take your steaks off the grill, they continue to cook because of their residual heat. Therefore, let it rest for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t forget to check for gas leaks:

If you have a propane grill, it is very important to check for any gas leaks before you fire it up. Gas leaks can, of course, be very dangerous, and they can do severe damage to you and your property. Therefore, check your propane tank before cooking. If your tank is empty, get a propane tank delivery and enjoy cooking.

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