7 Easy Tips to Style & Upgrade Your Kitchen


The kitchen is considered to be the heart of any home, and one of the essential spaces you use.  This is why your kitchen should be stylish! Now, giving your kitchen a facelift isn’t easy, but it’s fun and a challenge worth taking up. Yes, you can give your kitchen a new outlook that will capture the eye and transform dining plus cooking experiences in there. Let’s look at how to style your kitchen not just to promote healthy dietary habits, but also increase property value. We will cover tips that are simple, inexpensive, and worth trying!

  1.     Buy modern kitchen equipment 

Whether you are living in a traditional or modern home, adding a stylish accessory can easily change the appearance of the kitchen. There are limitless options for any particular product, and the secret is putting them neatly to get a magical impression. Something as simple as stylish trash cans can bring a wow effect in your kitchen. You can go for those that have duo compartments that allow you to segregate waste while also staying organized and keeping the surroundings clean. 

You can take a look at the best dual compartment trash cans review done by disposalzone to help you pick the right one. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors, which, when carefully selected, style up the kitchen. However, note that the selection of design and color won’t bring a significant effect alone.

You should also be keen on where you place it and the standards of cleanliness. For instance, beautiful trash can put near the cooking space, blocking the way or overflowing with trash will not bring the desired effect. So, keep everything well-arranged and neat as you accessorize your kitchen.

  1.     Show off the specials 
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Open-plan kitchens are trendy these days. This implies that if you have beautiful elements, you should put them in a visible position for a colorful look. They could be antiques, flower pots, plants, fruits, artwork, or uniquely crafted chopping boards. Whatever it is, you can DIY or work with a pro interior designer who can help you to show off the colorful elements and change the atmosphere of the kitchen. When layered beautifully on the walls or countertops, such pieces bring a beautiful image and evoke a wow effect without strain.

  1.     Change your kitchen arrangement 

It’s amazing how changing the arrangement of a kitchen can transform the whole space. Although this is mainly applicable in large-sized kitchens, you can also do some magic in a small area. For instance, if your stools have been on the right side since the beginning of time, transferring them to the left would automatically give a new appearance. The secret here is to play with the designs while also being creative. There are no limitations, but ensure that the new arrangement will not pose as a health hazard. 

  1.     Play with color

What is the overall appearance of the kitchen? What image do you get when you first walk inside? If not attractive enough, consider adding a touch of bold colors. Color makes a place look lively and appealing and directs the eye to specific sections in the kitchen. Depending on the current design, you can paint the entire kitchen or draw attention to particular elements that have a strong visual effect. If you have a liking for combined colors, ensure they have a similar intensity. Also, ensure that the color blends well with the rest of the place. Otherwise, it may look messy. You can also combine patterns or use one.

  1.     Declutter Your Kitchen
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Outdated elements hide the beauty of a kitchen. For that reason, get rid of items that you no longer use or have an appalling appearance. Getting rid of outdated elements makes the kitchen look and feel spacious, renewed, and promotes air circulation. Remember that a cluttered kitchen is a death trap. Someone including you can fall when walking around the kitchen. It can be a source of fire and suffocation in case of poor circulation.  

Decluttering the kitchen is quite simple. Identify all the things that are not in use and keep them away by selling, renting, or dumping in the main bin. Next, put all the items in their rightful places and notice the boundaries. The latter means that instead of stuffing things in the cupboards, keep enough amount and look for space for anything else. You should also look for appealing storage space for all items. For instance, instead of keeping knives and spoons everywhere, like next to plates, cups, and cooking pots, you may want to consider a stand that can hold everything in one place and keep the area looking neat. 

  1.     Revamp your kitchen designs
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Are you used to the same model of chairs, countertops, and cupboards? Then it means you are yet to tap into the significant effect of new models. There are plenty of counter designs that you can explore to bring that stop-and-stare appearance in your kitchen. Here, you are allowed to mix soft and hard designs or different colors that also complement each other. 

  1.     Play with lighting

Again, a kitchen can be a hazard when poorly maintained and designed. This means that after decluttering, you should add more lighting not only to upgrade the safety measures but also to improve the appearance. That way, you will also be able to highlight the beauty points of your kitchen. Examples of designs that you can choose from are floor and table lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces. You may look further into traditional, vintage, and modern fixtures. There are hundreds of designs, colors, and mounting styles for each, and with the help of an expert, you can land on an appearance that would transform the style of your kitchen immediately. 

Final remarks:

There are many ways of styling a kitchen. What you can attain will depend on the effort and the creativity you input in giving your kitchen a wow factor. You can take it up as a DIY project, or you can seek help from a pro if you don’t have the skills.

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