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Chinese Honey BBQ Chicken Salad


Rice wine, soy sauce, and a dash of Penang Chinese Five Spice. Just three ingredients for a flavorful Chinese-style marinade. It’s the starting base for our Chinese Gourmet BBQ Pork Jerky, and everything you need to marinate the chicken in this Chinese Honey BBQ Chicken Salad.

We’ve been hearing from more and more of you requesting low-carb or Paleo-friendly recipes. Keep those emails coming, we love to hear from you! For those of you who did contact us, many of you had mentioned that with a diet change, you’ve also craved more flavor – spicier or richer flavors.

That’s when Asian ingredients, like sauces and vibrant spice blends, are fun to incorporate into your recipes to give your dishes that much needed kick. Marinate lean chicken breasts with a combination of rice wine, Penang Chinese Five Spice, and soy sauce (or liquid or coconut aminos for an alternative). Then grill outside for that extra smoky flavor, or keep it simple on a frying pan on the stove. When the chicken is almost cooked, brush on some honey to give the chicken a nice, caramelized sweetness.

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Chop up the Chinese Honey BBQ Chicken into small cubes, then toss it with a large bowl of refreshing romaine lettuce, crisp cucumbers, bell pepper, crunchy bean sprouts and scallions.

For the dressing, combine vegetable oil with more honey and soy sauce. Stir in some rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil, and a generous amount of freshly chopped garlic, to create a balance of savory, sweet flavors. Then sprinkle in Japanese Chili Flakes to spice it up.

Enjoy a big bowl of Chinese Honey BBQ Chicken Salad all to yourself, or make it for your next summer potluck!

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