Discover How You’re Going to Pair Wine and Fish


A goblet of wine is the best complement to your delectable plate of fish. Red wines could serve as that lemon squeeze to a delicate piece of salmon, which is also a perfect way of cleansing your palate between delicious bites. However, avoid pairing a wine having added structure than the fish. You need to choose a red wine very carefully, as its tannin could wane the subtle flavor of your favorite fish.

According to an article published on, a sizable and wholesome fish tossed up in your oven, such as roasted salmon pair too well with a glass of red wine. There are many ways to get the fish and wine pairing perfect. Here is how:

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Delicate fish and white wine

If you are serving some delicate fish for dinner, choose a wine that does not subdue the fish’s subtle flavors. Pick wines that are crisp and light sans the sweetness. The best picks are Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Verdelho. Try this combination of white wines and fish to savor your taste buds. You will love it.

Light reds with fish

Light reds like Grenache, Gamay, and Sangiovese are some of the precious wines that you would love to pair with fresh seafood. Pair one of these light red wines with tuna, salmon, bluefish, swordfish, marlin, mackerel, or any other chunky, fatty, large, big-flavored and full-size fish. Then, avoid pairing red wines with hot, peppery seafood to avoid the nasty clanging taste.

Red wines with a heartier fish

Fish such as swordfish and salmon are heartier and pair well with a structured wine. For example, salmon and Pinot Noir is the best pairing, a classic one at that. Then, Pinot Noir will go well with any fish, which is a little meaty. If you have a penchant for white wine, pair Chardonnay with your favorite fish.

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Sparkling wine and shellfish

Are you serving shellfish the coming weekend? Now, shellfish is quite expensive and therefore, why not make your dinner special with some bubbling wine! Opt for sparkling wine, which is the most versatile one to pair with a delectable platter of shellfish. The wine helps both the food and the drink stand out whether you are gorging on jumbo-sized shrimp or cracked crab. If you have some of your close friends or special guests invited for dinner, choose sparkling wine and the best shellfish varieties to impress them.

Rose with sushi

Sushi is a bit hard to pair with any wine, as it comes with the umami taste of soy sauce and some spice. Pick rose wine with the attributes of red as well as white wine and pairs perfectly with mouthwatering sushi.

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Rose comes with the crisp quality of white wine to balance the flavor of the raw fish together with a bit of an added texture from contact with red grape skins, especially during fermentation. The wine simply renders another structure to retain the flavor of spice and soy sauce.


Make your dinner memorable with the best pairing of wine and fish to impress your guests. What is your choice of fish and wine? Feel free to comment.

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