Do CBD Edibles really work?

Buying CBD Oil or a tincture? No questions asked right? You’re pretty certain the product is going to work. But for some reason when it comes to buying/trying edibles people are always hesitant. Do CBD edibles extracted from hemp flower from Pure Hemp Farms actually work or the complete opposite? – they do work but are just way.too.strong. 

It’s time to do some myth-busting as we explore the different types of edibles available on the market, as well as delve into some key factors that could have a major role in the effects/results from a particular edible product. Ready? 

CBD vs THC: Know the difference

This is actually majorly important. THC is still deemed illegal in many countries, including the likes of the UK as this chemical compound that is found within the Cannabis plant, contains properties that have the ability to induce psychoactive effects when consumed. 

This is oftentimes what leads to feelings of being ‘high’ and can be the reason why an edible may be too strong for you. 

CBD on the other hand is also a chemical compound found within the Cannabis plant and this cannabinoid contains zero psychoactive effects. Instead, it can be utilised to work with the body to produce some incredible results, including many health improvements. 

If you’re trying a CBD edible, don’t expect it to make you feel high, because it won’t. 

Hence, you’ll find legal CBD edibles being sold across many countries these days, and in countries where cannabis is still illegal, they are slowly starting to open up their doors to the possibility of legal CBD edibles and other products such as CBD oils, tinctures, etc. 

Different types of CBD Edibles 

What began with simple chocolates, gummy sweets and baked treats such as cookies and brownies, has been totally elevated and you can find pretty much anything imaginable when it comes to CBD edibles. 

We’re talking CBD honey, salsa, dried fruit, infused cooking oils and butters, teas, coffees, beers and even kombucha. Vegan treats are super popular and expect to find some delectable options such as vegan CBD brownie date balls. 

The most important things to look out for when buying CBD Edibles

If you’re not wanting to get fooled when it comes to buying CBD edibles, it pays to know the type of CBD that has been used in the product manufacturing as well as the strength. 

There are three types of CBD: CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD contain zero signs of THC. If you’re wanting a CBD edible that still contains some of the important properties of the cannabis plant, then best side with Broad Spectrum CBD – with Isolate, all of these are removed. 

If your edible is made from Full Spectrum CBD it means it contains minute amounts of THC, legally speaking only up to 0.2-0.3% (country dependant). If you’re after legal CBD edibles that will provide the full effects of the cannabis plant, with guaranteed results, I’d say op for these type of CBD edibles.   

If using CBD for sleep, for example, and you find it’s not really working, check what type of CBD has been used. If it’s CBD Isolate, perhaps consider switching to an edible made from Full Spectrum CBD. 

Always check the strength of your edible as this will also affect its potency levels, and ultimately results. 

Why use CBD edibles? 

CBD is great for helping to treat stress and anxiety, regulating sleeping patterns and helping with disorders such as insomnia, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as nausea, stomach discomforts. These are just a few among its many benefits. 

In the UK, US and Europe, the cannabis sector is booming. And the biggest growth area? CBD edibles. CBD edibles are an excellent, discreet way of consuming CBD as well, and are handy to carry on your person too. If you’ve never used CBD, it can also be an easier easy and less daunting way of using cbd for the first time


And don’t forget to always check product information!






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