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The growing number of overweight and obese individuals is a worldwide health problem. In the digital age we live in, there is no doubt that more people have less time to plan their meals, perform more physical exercise, and pay attention to their calorie intake, and that’s why having health insurance  is really important in this age, and finding a health insurance agent near me can be useful to get this cover easily.

With all the debilitating consequences related to having excess weight, it is essential that you take measures to keep your body weight in check and start living healthy. Besides medical intervention, there are other ways you can control your weight.

Supplements for Weight Management

Working towards your ideal weight requires patience and effort. Alongside regular exercise and lifestyle modification, you can also take supplements and products like True Pheromones that can help you manage your weight. You can take an appetite stimulant that’s natural and effective.

Cannabidiol (CBD) 

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a hemp derivative popular for its potential health benefits.  Many who have tried CBD for the purpose of losing weight suggest that it has helped them suppress their appetite, resulting in better weight management. A 2020 animal study about the effects of CBD on weight loss suggests that taking this cannabinoid aids the inhibition of CB1 receptors relating to anti-obesity effects. 

In addition, using CBD for other conditions, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and alleviating pain, which can contribute to putting on more weight, may also help in your weight loss process.

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To reap its positive effects, you can find CBD in a number of different potencies, from low-strength options like CBD oil 10% or more potent products, as well as in a variety of formats. 

Green Tea

Green tea is mainly the leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant. It is a famous kind of tea due to its health properties. Amongst other teas, green tea has the most concentration of chlorophyll, polyphenols, and antioxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). 

Famous as a traditional drink from China and said to be one of the healthiest drinks, Green tea is loaded with benefits. Aside from its pronounced antioxidant properties that help eliminate toxins in the body, green tea also contains various compounds that can boost the body’s metabolism, which aids weight loss. According to research, those who consume green tea burn 3–4% more calories each day compared to non-green tea drinkers. Green tea also contains caffeine, and study shows that it can support the fat-burning process in the body. 


Cinnamon is a common spice that you can find in most grocery stores and is often used in foods like dishes, bread, and desserts. It is made from the bark of a tree, either Ceylon or Cassia. Beyond being aromatic or a flavouring, Cinnamon is immensely popular for its many health benefits.

Aside from its ability to stabilise blood sugar and treat skin disorders such as acne and skin infection, weight loss is also one of the health benefits of Cinnamon. Research suggests that this spice can be considered a weight-reducing supplement as it can boost metabolism and support the breakdown of fat cells in the body. Drinking cinnamon water suppresses your appetite resulting in lower calorie intake.

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Other Weight Management Strategies

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity keeps you from storing excess fats in your body as it helps with burning off calories and increases your metabolism. According to experts, sedentary people are more likely to put on extra weight than those who live an active lifestyle. Combining regular exercise and a healthy diet is the best for weight loss and maintaining weight.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated has a lot of benefits for your overall wellness. High water intake can make you feel full, which helps send signals to your brain, resulting in suppressed appetite. In addition, water also helps your kidneys flush out the toxins and wastes that can make you feel bloated and swollen. Being well-hydrated also means keeping away from drinking unnecessary high-calorie drinks such as soda, alcohol, juice, and sports drinks which contribute to weight gain.

Choose your food wisely

Your choices of food matter as they significantly play a big role in your caloric intake and fat deposits. While there is no specific food that will make you achieve your weight goal overnight, there are healthier options you should go for to lose weight. Going on a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean bland and boring food. In fact, there are many nutritious and delicious kinds of foods that you can enjoy while keeping healthy. You can opt for whole, unprocessed food instead of highly processed junk foods that are usually full of sugars, refined wheat, and added fats. 

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Think positive and reward yourself

Having a positive outlook when working on your weight is as important as nutrition and physical activity. Remember that motivation should start with yourself. You should stay away from negative thoughts like ‘I can’t do it”, etc. In addition, weight management doesn’t have to be all fruits and vegetables all the time. It is also important to indulge yourself occasionally as a reward for doing a good job every time you are making progress. You can have it in the form of having your favourite food or drink but in moderation. 

Seek professional help

Not everyone has the same tolerance level when it comes to establishing healthy eating habits and performing regular exercise. Hence their weight management journey often does not succeed, and achieving their goals takes longer than usual. Seeking professional help is always your best bet, especially if working with others works best for you. You can consult a registered dietitian (RD) for expert nutrition advice and helpful tips that you can follow for a healthy lifestyle change.


Take Away

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be stressful. With the proper lifestyle and supplements that will help you reach your goal, nothing can stop you from being healthy in all aspects. Although it can be challenging, consistency and self-discipline are key to achieving your goal and improving your overall health.

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