Four Natural Head Lice Prevention Remedies For Children


Lice are uninvited guests that hitchhike on our heads. Everyone is prone to head lice, however, compared to adults, children are more prone to lice nesting in their heads. This is due to the fact that as we grow older we are more aware of our personal space and try not to get into space that belongs to those around us. Children, on the other hand, often get tangled up with each other while playing during recess and share their headgear such as scarves and helmets.

Remedies for treating head lice

Compared to other pests, lice cannot jump or fly. Their primary mode of transport is crawling from one place to another. Head lice spread only via direct contact with the items that previously contained head lice. However, our kids do not have a sense of personal space. Therefore, here are a few ways to control the spread of head lice in our children.

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Children have sensitive skin, thus, it is important to deal with the lice issues gently. Using remedies that contain high amounts of synthetic chemicals will damage the scalp of your head. Here are a few kid-safe lice prevention remedies.

Anti-Lice Comb

Anti-Lice combs have are specifically made to battle lice. Their teeth are longer and the space between two individual teeth is shorter. When you run this comb through your hair, it traps the lice within its teeth. Be sure to sterilize the comb while dealing with different children. However, the anti-Lice comb could sometimes cause irritation in the scalp. This is due to the sharpness of the comb. Using a different comb could help solve this problem, however, chances are that the anti-lice combs might not be the perfect solution for your kid.

Gentle Delousing Shampoo

Delousing shampoos are great whilst trying to get rid of head lice. However, most delousing shampoos contain harmful substances that could affect the scalp of your children. Be sure to thoroughly research the contents of the shampoo you are planning on purchasing. The tag you must look for whilst purchasing a delousing shampoo is ‘Natural’. Most natural shampoo remedies are gentle on the scalp and are kid-safe. However, be sure to consult the company manufacturing the product to find out if it’s safe to be used on kids.

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Essential Oils That Kill Lice

Anise oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil are a few essential oils that are capable of killing head lice. Most of these oils suffocate the head lice till they die. They are derived naturally and are kid-safe. If the scalp of your kid is irritated by any of these oils, dilute the oil in water and try again.

Flint Lice Prevention Spray by MDX Concepts

The Flint Lice Prevention Spray By MDX Concepts is a trusted product by many parents when it comes to the matter of combating head lice. The head lice prevention spray uses a mix of essential oils that aids with lice control. This spray is specifically made with kids in mind and it uses diluted yet effective essential oils that prevent and kill lice. Unlike other natural remedies and sprays, the Flint lice spray does not leave behind any stains. This is a needed attribute for most kids’ products as they tend to place their head on the clothes of others.

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Lice in kids need to be taken care of as they cause irritation in their head. It affects their productivity during the day and their relationships with their friends. Many parents are reluctant to let their kids play with children who have lice as they are considered to be contagious. Using the methods mentioned above can definitely lead to the solution of the lice problem.

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