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Popularly known as the place that creates the World’s Greatest Hamburgers, Fuddruckers is a fast-food chain headquartered in Texas.

Customers keep on coming back to this place because it offers burgers that definitely taste like no other. Fuddruckers bake their own hamburger buns and ground their own meat. In other words, they make their hamburgers from scratch all on the Fuddruckers Menu Prices.

Fuddruckers Menu Prices

Fuddruckers Menu Prices

Fuddruckers Menu Prices


World’s Greatest Hamburgers

The Original Fudds 1/3 lb. $5.39
The Original Fudds 1/2 lb. $6.39
The Original Fudds 2/3 lb $7.39


Bacon Cheddar 1/3 lb. $7.39
Bacon Cheddar 1/2 lb. $8.39
Mushroom Swiss 1/3 lb. $7.69
Mushroom Swiss 1/2 lb. $8.69
Three Cheese 1/3 lb. $7.69
Three Cheese 1/2 lb. $8.69
The Works 1/3 lb. $7.69
The Works 1/2 lb. $8.69
Inferno 1/3 lb. $7.69
Inferno 1/2 lb. $8.69
Bourbon Burger 1/3 lb. $7.79
Bourbon Burger 1/2 lb. $8.79
Southwest 1/3 lb. $7.79
Southwest 1/2 lb. $8.79
The Hangover 1/3 lb. $7.89
The Hangover 1/2 lb. $8.89
BBQ Burger 1/3 lb. $7.79
BBQ Burger 1/2 lb. $8.79


Buffalo Burger $9.99
American Kobe Burger $9.99
Elk Burger $9.99


Pretzel Bun $1.00
Gluten-Free Bun $2.00
Premium Toppings $1.00
Cheese $1.00

Make Anything A Combo

Add To Any Fudds Entree

Fries & a Bottomless + Beverage $3.79
Fries & a Bottomless + Domestic Beer $4.78
Fries & a Bottomless + Shake or Premium Beer $5.78

Fudds Favs

Black Angus Chili Cheese Dog $6.25
Veggie Burger $6.49
Turkey Burger $6.99
Tilapia Sandwich $6.99
Buffalo Wings 6 Pc. $7.49
Nachos (Chicken, Beef, or Chili) $8.99
Fish & Chips $9.49
Ribeye Steak Sandwich $9.99


Chicken Tenders $5.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $6.99
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $8.49
Bacon & Swiss Chicken Sandwich $8.49


Dressings: Ranch, Caesar, Light Italian, Thousand Island, Spicy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette or Bleu Cheese

Grilled Chicken Salad $8.49
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.49
Southwest Salad $8.49
Southern Fried Chicken Salad $8.49
Napa Valley Salad $8.49
Bacon Avocado Salad $8.49


Onion Rings Regular $2.99
Onion Rings Large $3.99
Sweet Potato Fries Regular $2.99
Sweet Potato Fries Large $3.99
Wedge Cut Fries Regular $2.39
Wedge Cut Fries Large $3.39
Chili Cheese Fries Regular $3.99
Chili Cheese Fries Large $4.99
Fresh Apples $1.29
Side Salad (Garden or Caesar) $2.99


Includes Kid’s Drink, Cookie & Fries or Apple Slices

Hamburger $5.25
Cheeseburger $5.25
Hot Dog $5.25
Grilled Cheese $5.25
Chicken Tenders $5.25
Chicken Sandwich $5.25
Upgrade To Kid’s Shake $1.99


Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Oreo or Peanut Butter) Small $2.99
Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Oreo or Peanut Butter) Regular $4.29
Soda with Free Refills $2.29
Domestic Beer $3.50
Premium Beer $4.00

Baked Goods

Cookies $0.79
Pecan Macaroons $0.79
Crispy Squares $0.99
Brownies $1.49
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History of Fuddruckers

Businessman Philip J. Romano founded the restaurant in Texas in 1979. He originally named his business Freddie Fuddruckers and his goal was to introduce a better hamburger worldwide.

As of 2018, it has over two hundred locations worldwide, particularly in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. According to Restaurant Business, this is the most kid-friendly fast-food chain as far as millennial parents are concerned. In 2017, it was also included in the Top 500 Chains in the Burger Category.

Review Fuddruckers

The restaurant’s façade usually displays this big and colourful logo that just never fails to make me smile. It’s as if it’s bringing out the child in me. Its interior design is just as colourful.

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You definitely have to try their hamburgers. They make their own hamburger patty using 100% fresh beef, they bake their buns on a daily basis, and they make sure that their food is always served fresh.

If you are strictly on a diet, try the Fudds Exotics burger as it is served using a wheat bun and contains a lot of nutritional benefits. You may also try the veggie burger or the chicken breast sandwich that may either be served grilled or fried.

Another thing that I particularly like about this place is the polite and attentive servers. They are always cheerful and will definitely brighten your day!

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