How to Store Your Weed and Keep it Fresh

They say everything fresh tastes different. It’s not only applicable to fruits and vegetables but also if you buy weed Sydney. Many people don’t have access to fresh weed or have weed plants at home, so the best solution is to buy a weed pack. Sometimes weed packs don’t have accurate production and expiration dates, and you have to guess how long they’ll last. What a problem, right? Don’t fret; just follow these guidelines on storing your weed and keeping it fresh.

The Importance of Proper Weed Storage

Overly moist weed can have severe health consequences by encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. In 2018, The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published a standard specification on acceptable water activity range for dry cannabis flower. The water activity range should be between 0.55 and 0.65. If it surpasses 0.65, there’s the risk of bacterial contamination, along with fungal development.

Too much moisture is harmful, but too little water changes the integrity of the flower. The weed flower can grow weak and lose essential compounds that affect taste and potency. Thankfully, the majority of suppliers already do the necessary drying and curing. However, you still need to maintain that same moisture content while storing your weed at home.

What Temperature is Ideal for Weed Storage?

Generally, a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius is ideal for weed storage.

If you live in a region where there’s usually a lot of humidity, especially during summertime, make sure to store your weed in a cupboard away from open windows and air conditioners. Air from ACs can mix with the humid air and lead to water droplet formation on your weed. High temperatures can also dry out the flower and destroy essential compounds. If your unit is faulty and you want to lower humidity in your home, you can hire experts to get an ac replacement in Mahomet, IL and nearby areas. Using a vape with temperature control can solve this issue. 

Otherwise, after selecting a weed pipe from a unique set of custom weed pipes, you can light up a joint and smoke your weed for a different flavor experience. 

Is Light Dangerous for Weed?

A study in 1976 published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology was one of the first to clarify the negative effect of light on weed cannabinoids. The study further mentioned that carefully prepared herbal or resin cannabis is stable for 1 to 2 years, granted they’re stored in the dark at room temperature.

It’s best to forget about transparent Mason jars. Though they might look appealing, light rays can penetrate the jar in an instant and degrade your weed. Instead, choose a brown container that can filter out UV rays. Also, 



Ensure to store your weed in a cool, dark place in air-tight containers, preferably opaque ones. And if your weed is too small, don’t leave it in a large jar since this would let air circulate through the weed. Take care of your weed so that you can better enjoy its taste and benefit from its compounds.






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