Reasons Why Banks Don’t Loan Money to Some Investors


If you have approached a bank from an investment, you will know that not everyone is entertained and some people are flat out rejected. Banks work in their own way, and have plenty of metrics to approve and reject loans that come their way. 

While there is plenty to earn from the real estate market, beginner investors ironically have to go through the hassle of acquiring funds before they can properly actualize their investments. Becoming a landlord may be a smart way to earn some passive income, but it takes a hefty amount of cash to get started. And, if you don’t have a huge bankroll, you will have to wait in line outside a bank to get your hands on the greenbacks. 

Reasons Why Banks Don’t Loan Money to Some Investors

The recipe to success as a real estate investor sounds simple, right? You borrow some money from the bank. Purchase real estate property. Rent it to a tenant. Earn rental income from the tenant, use some of it to pay back the bank loan and save the rest for future real estate purchases. The American Dream is coming true right in front of your eyes. 

But, there can be a slight glitch in the tale. Banks don’t lend money to all investors. There are situations where financing through a bank isn’t an option you can head forward with. 

Banks might not be willing to lend money to certain investors due to the following reasons: 

Poor Credit Score 

This is by far one of the leading reasons banks won’t be lending you any money. Your credit score is an independent rating that certifies your potential as a borrower. Banks and many other sources of finance would only provide you a loan if your credit score is in line with the standards they have set. Your inability to meet those standards will lead to rejection by the bank. 

Now, a poor credit score is the doing of your bad credit history. Your credit rating does down the drain once you are irresponsible about paying back previous credit and don’t follow the agreed payment schedule. 

Additionally, there are times when investors aren’t even aware of their credit score. Knowing where the problem lies can actually help you take conscious steps to get rid of it. However, if you, as an investor, have completely neglected the need to check up on your credit score, then you should be prepared for the repercussions that follow. Almost 72 percent of all investors don’t know where to find information related to their credit score. When they actually do find the score, there is very little that can be done to improve the situation. 

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Limited Collateral 

Banks aren’t willing to work with investors who can’t provide a promise of reimbursement. In other words, lenders, including banks, require some proof of physical property which they can take if the loan isn’t repaid. If you don’t have any collateral to offer, you will probably be rejected by the bank. 

You Already Have Too Much Debt 

This is something that kills your chances of acquiring debt from pretty much anywhere. If you, as an individual, are buried in debt from other loans and lines of credit, then no bank or financial institution would like to work with you. Most banks and financial institutions will give you steep interest rates even if they do approve your application. 

Market Conditions Are Risky 

Banks aren’t interested in handing out loans or capital when the investment conditions in the market are extremely volatile and risky. There are times when market conditions can influence the decision of banks and other financial institutions when it comes to handing out a loan. 

For instance, you will find it hard to get a loan for real estate investments if the market isn’t performing well and there isn’t much demand. The bank won’t lend to you in such situations, because the loan is too risky and you might not be able to generate the revenue you need to pay them back. 

Financing through banks and traditional institutions of finance is based on multiple conditions and demands. Based on these demands, it is possible for you to have your bank loan rejected.

We hope this article was helpful for you and helped you understand reason why banks don’t lend money to certain investors. If you want loan options for borrowing money until payday, you can find options online and proceed accordingly.

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