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Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dog Breeds


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You may be asking if it’s safe to give CBD oil to your dog or can you overdose on CBD oil? This is a good question that other pet owners are also asking. With the legalization of hemp in the USA, many CBD Oil Canada products are being sold today on many grocery shelves, pharmacies, and online shops.

The growing interest online is reaching pet owners who want their furry friends to live healthier lives. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol is effective in treating various disorders in many dog breeds. You can find out more breeds when you check here and see if your pet is included. You can also check with your vet to know more if CBD oil is right for your canine. Also, you can visit this site for a great variety of canine products by CBD.

Is the Oil Safe for Dog Breeds?

Many studies have been conducted about CBD. The researchers have found out that cannabidiol products with less than 0.3% THC are safe for both humans and animals.  Your golden retriever or husky won’t get “stoned” when taking cannabidiol oil or treats.

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As mentioned, THC is in trace amounts in hemp plants, but they can reach up to 30% in marijuana. CBD and weed extracts are different, which is why you should thoroughly check the products you are buying. After incorporating the cannabidiol into your pet’s diet, you may see an improvement in their moods, appetite, sleep, pain management, and anxieties.

Recent research utilized the Veterinary Information Network studies to measure many veterinarians’ knowledge about cannabinoids. Some of them willingly expressed their approval and support in using CBD as effective treatments for many ailments in dog breeds. Read more about the uses of cannabidiol on this site here.

Potential Side Effects 

The most common reported side effects were drowsiness, depending on the product and your canines’ overall health condition. The proper doses should be 150mg. If you increase the amount to 300mg or 600mg for larger breeds, you may see various side effects as a result, CBD 100mg is a little below the proper dose for larger breeds.

Since taking cannabidiol significantly decreases panic and anxieties, you may see some favorable results when CBD starts to alleviate your pet’s anxious feelings. However, they may get to the point where they’ll relax too much and begin to be drowsy.

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You must speak to your vet about the proper dose, and you shouldn’t let your canine sleep for more than 9 hours. It would be best if you decreased the dosage where you get to the point that your pup stays active again between naps. Other studies have found out that larger doses over a long period proved non-toxic to many breeds.

How Does Cannabidiol Affect Dogs?

The bioavailability of cannabinoids in animals still requires further research. Some scientists at Colorado State University began investigating how CBD moved in the bodies of 30 beagles.

The beagles were given different cannabidiol formulations, and these forms include cream applied to the ears, capsules, and oil. Beagles that received cannabidiol every day for more than a month at 10mg/kg of oil daily have the highest concentration of cannabinoids in their plasma.

The study concluded that higher concentrations are tolerable for many breeds. Administering CBD through the oral route allows for easier absorption, and treats may come second in terms of bioavailability.

Seizures and Joint Pain Cures

It’s already established that CBD can affect a canine’s system at a physiological level. The next thing that many pet owners wanted to know is how their furry friend can benefit from the cannabinoids. So far, a lot of scientists have indicated that the oil is effective in pain management and seizure attacks. 

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Studies published about the effect of CBD oil done in more than 20 canines with intractable epilepsy showed promising results. Epilepsy caused repetitive seizures for affected dogs. The researchers gave 12 dogs 2.5mg/kg of cannabidiol for 12 weeks while the others were given placebo tablets. Those that received CBD reduced their seizure episodes compared to those that were given a placebo. Try giving some to a dog suffering from Spongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy.


Recent studies are looking for the impact of cannabidiol in decreasing pain and inflammation in many canines when it comes to osteoarthritis. Many pet owners did not report any adverse effects of CBD oil, and some even said that they’d seen improvements. The conclusion was about 2 mg/kg of CBD twice a day can make a dog find relief and comfort from osteoarthritis after a few days.

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