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Soy is Gluten-Free


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Soy itself is gluten-free. “Soy” may allude to soybeans or to the soy protein from soybeans, the two of which are gluten-free.

Soy is Gluten-Free

Soy is Gluten-Free

Is Soy Sauce Gluten-Free?

Customary soy sauce isn’t gluten-free. Wheat is an essential fixing in soy sauce, which shocks numerous individuals who are new to gluten-free eating routine. There are a few gluten-free soy sauce choices accessible that utilization rice rather than wheat. In the event that you can’t discover soy sauce checked gluten-free, tamari is a decent gluten-free substitute. As usual, make certain to peruse the fixings mark before obtaining and eating.

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Is Soybean Oil Gluten-Free?

Soybean oil is a sort of vegetable oil that is separated from soybeans. Soybean oil is gluten-free.

Is Soy Lecithin Gluten-Free?

Soy lecithin is gluten-free.

Is Soy Flour Gluten-Free?

Soy flour is made by crushing soybeans down to a fine powder and is gluten-free.


Is Soy Milk Gluten-Free?

Most soy milk is gluten-free. Since various producers may utilize flavorings and additives notwithstanding soy, check the fixings name before utilizing soy milk.

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